Collect Fees and Satisfy Parents, is it possible to do both !

COVID-19 has created an economic crisis and has impacted people from every walk of life. Education sector has received a major blow due to this pandemic in the last 18 months. Majority of the Schools and Colleges are facing the financial crunch and are struggling to pay salaries to teachers, manage their facilities and pay […]

Do we need coding classes for kids?

Of late, the new fad in the market is to teach coding for young kids. There have been many articles against it too. Parents are confused to invest in this skill. Is this a good skill for the kids? Is it a burden for the kid? Let’s explore it together. What is Coding? Coding is […]

Educating in Uncertain Times!!!

Life has been uncertain before, it is uncertain now and it will be uncertain in future too. COVID-19 pandemic has created an uncertain situation, which nobody expected, it has impacted the people from all walks of life. Most of the business has been largely hit and intensity of it is heavy in few domains including […]