Educating in Uncertain Times!!!

Life has been uncertain before, it is uncertain now and it will be uncertain in future too. COVID-19 pandemic has created an uncertain situation, which nobody expected, it has impacted the people from all walks of life. Most of the business has been largely hit and intensity of it is heavy in few domains including Hospitality, Entertainment, Education, Travel, Tourism, Sports Etc…

People across the business domains have found new ways to adapt themselves to uncertain times and have found new/creative ways to win over this COVID-19 Pandemic situation. Education sector has adapted itself to continue with Education under these circumstances through Online Schooling.

Online Schooling is the way to continue imparting education through Technology. Online schooling enables all the stake holders of the School like Principal, Teachers, Students, Parents, Administrators and Management to be connected with each other and deliver their responsibilities.

SchoolElement is one of the leading Technology platforms powered by NextElement Pvt Ltd, which has empowered schools to continue imparting education efficiently under these circumstances. SchoolElement platform has enabled institutions to manage different aspects of schools like Finances, Academics, Communication, Admission, Online Classes, Administration and Operations.

Management team is able to have control over their finances by efficiently collecting fees from parents through online payments, disburse salary through Payroll, and streamline their income/expenses all at one place using the SchoolElement ERP.

Parents and students are well informed about the classes being conducted, initiatives taken from school, changes to fees structure, online classroom attendance, tasks assigned and schedule for the classes.

Teaching staff have clarity on the portions and classes to be conducted through advanced and intelligent scheduling, assignment allocation, assessment and marks card generation.

Online Classroom, even though it is not a replacement for the Face to Face classes that is being conducted in school, it is designed it to give a real classroom experience both for students and teachers. Teachers have maximum control in the way Online classrooms are conducted with features like Students join the classroom only after the teacher start the class, Video and Audio of students can be enabled/disabled by default, standby teacher can be invited for classroom, automatic attendance based on the amount of time student is on the classroom and many more.

Even though adapting to technology has been challenging for many of teachers, parents, management their commitment towards education and schooling has made Virtual Schooling possible in reality. At NextElement Pvt Ltd, we believe in working very closely with schools associated with us to ensure that every manual/repetitive work related to their operations and academics is automated. Our intention is to create a conducive environment for the Management, Teachers and all other staff to focus education and rest all to be taken care by technology. Please contact us for more information on

Ravi Mahadev

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