Asset Management​

Keep track of all incoming and outgoing assets at a centralized location.

Know The Status of Departmental Assets in One Click

Keeping accurate traces of newly acquired assets, equipment assigned across departments, returns, and replacements can be time-consuming. Our asset management solution can save your time and effort.

Benefits of Implementing NextElement Asset Management System

Security of Assets

The system ensures the security of every asset by maintaining an error-free record.

Managing Movements

From labelling an asset to valuating and assigning, with the system you can effortlessly manage the movement of assets.

Hassle-free Process

Categorizing the assets to stock checking, the whole process is hassle-free with our digital system.

Labelling The Assets

Label each asset with unique digital code that helps in locating it and knowing the status of its operations.

  • Labelling newly purchased equipment
  • Labelling before allocating to room/student/staff/department

Valuation of Assets

Maintain a database of the monetary value of all the assets.

  • Evaluation of the purchase orders
  • Damage assessment
  • Manage expenses
  • Manage vendor data

Assets Movement

Effortlessly manage your inventory by keeping easy track of the movements of equipment.

  • Allocate necessary resources to staff and keep a record of it
  • Allocate equipment to students and keep a record of it
  • Track the return, reorder, and replacement of each asset

Assigning Assets to Staff/Rooms

This system will enable you to assign the assets to staff or room in a systematic manner.

  • Categorize the assets before they are distributed
  • Assign to staff and keep all the details (date, time, name, category, etc.)
  • Assign rooms and keep details (name of the department, room number, number of items, category of item, etc.)

Stock Check

Check the inventory for availability of the assets and keep a count of the categories.

  • How many items are available to be assigned
  • Equipment of which categories are in-stock
  • Which equipment is required to be restocked

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