Online Attendance and Leave Management System

Empower your institution’s academic and operational performances by smoothly managing attendance and leaves of students and staff.

Save Time and Effort with Attendance and Leave Management System

Our digital attendance and leave management solution aids schools and colleges to manage attendance and leaves smoothly and time-efficiently.

Benefits of Implementing NextElement Online Attendance and
Leave Management System

Role-based Control

The attendance and leave management activities of the entire institution can be controlled from one central platform

Real-time Attendance Tracking

The biometric integrated system enables real-time attendance tracking of students and staff.

Instant Leave Approval

The management can instantly review, approve and notify the leave application.

Access to All Data

The administrative panel has full access to all previous and current attendance data and can generate multiple attendance reports at the same time.

Quality Performance

It improves the administrative and academic performance of the institution on a large scale.

Take Attendance through Mobile/Laptop

Leave manual method, utilize digital facilities. Take attendance of students and staff on our integrated attendance system through mobile and/or laptop.

  • User-friendly interface 
  • Quick entry of attendance
  • The system is compatible with web, android, and IOS devices

School/Class/Section/Student wise Reports

Automatically generate accurate attendance reports that include school-wise attendance reports, class-wise attendance reports, section-wise attendance reports, and student-wise attendance reports.

  • Auto-generated reports as per your requirements
  • Quick reports with accurate data
  • Multiple reports can be generated at the same time

Daily/Monthly/Yearly Reports

Keep track of the regular attendance and generate daily, monthly, and yearly reports.

  • Generate multiple reports
  • Generate summary reports of each user
  • Download the reports 
  • Know the percentage of the present and absent students in class.
  • Know turnarounds of the students

SMS for Absentees and Late-comers

Auto-triggered text messages or notifications are sent via SMS or push app notifications to the parents of absentees and late-comers.

  • SMS is sent to parents concerning the students’ whereabouts 
  • SMS is sent to the staff on leave

Manage Essential Data

Manage and maintain various essential data like the information of late-comers, healthcare entry, and emergency exit.

  • Efficiently track and update data of late-comers.
  • Keep a database of the time, date, and other details of healthcare entry
  • Enlist the students or staff taking emergency exit

Competition Attendance

Take online attendance of students participating in inter or intra-school competitions, debates, workshops, sports, and other curricular activities.

  • Teachers can easily check the attendance
  • No scope of missing out the attendance

STS Reports

Submit the attendance reports of students and teachers to the STS or Student Tracking System of the Government of Karnataka. The system tracks the performance of students, teachers, and schools using digitized records.

  • The reports guide in pursuing student performance management 
  • Helps in teacher performance management
  • And enables to track school performance 

Leave Policy Management

Automate the leave policy configuration and management using our Nextelement ERP leave management system.

  • Customize leave policies for students and staff
  • Plan the leave types
  • Rules and validations for taking long leaves
  • Create a customized holiday list

Students and Staff Apply for Leave Online

The automated leave management process allows students and staff to apply for leave online through the respective portals.

  • Students can easily apply for leave selecting the dates, class, reason for leave, and other necessary details
  • Staff also can apply for leave using this system

Approval of Leaves

Update, approve and manage leave applications online using our digital attendance and leave management system from mobile or laptop

  • Teachers have access to view students’ leave requests on the portal and approve or reject them in a single tap.
  • No manual records are needed to be maintained
  • Parents can also apply for their kid’s leave
  • Leave approval SMS or push notification is sent to parents

Biometric Integration

Seamlessly capture staff and student attendance data using a biometric machine or RFID system. Only the students and staff having the biometric credentials can access the school or college premises. Hence it helps the administration team to identify and manage the unauthorized entry of outsiders.

  • Real-time attendance is updated in the parents’ mobile application
  • Biometric integration allows instant transfer of data to the system
  • Students and staff are given RFID cards or biometric credentials
  • Biometric integration strengthens the security of students and staff

Elevating quality of education and administration through technology

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