Communication & Parent Ticketing Management

Build an effective communication process between students, parents, and management.

Easy and Personable Communication & Parent Ticketing Management Module for Your Institution

Nextelement ERP provides an integrated school management system that connects all departments and functions of a school program and manages student progress from enrollment to graduation.

Benefits of Implementing NextElement Communication Management System

Two-way Communication

Our system supports two-way communication between parents and institutions with easy modes.

Customized Email

Generate and send customized mail to multiple students.

Instant SMS/Notification

Our software has everything you need to quickly send out individualized messages to students or parents.

Parent Ticketing

A feature that allows parents to communicate with the institution immediately without any hassle.

Quality Performance

It improves the administrative and academic performance of the institution on a large scale.

Intuitive UI to Send SMS

Our ERP software can help you with all of your SMS and text messaging needs. If you’re looking for an effective way to send out mass text messages, then look no further! Our software is top of the line when it comes to managing corporate and personal communication. With practical features and a user-friendly management system, you’ll be able to compose and schedule messages without hassle.

  • Send out messages instantly or schedule them for a future date.
  • Check out how many messages you sent and how much time you spent on them.
  • Set up categories to make managing messages simpler.
  • Our software has everything you need to quickly send out individualized messages to your students or parents.
  • Request a free trial to see the difference for yourself!

Send SMS to Staff, students, and parents

The ERP system can also be used to send bulk SMS messages to students, staff, and their parents. The SMS module of the ERP system can be used to send bulk SMS to all students, staff, or selected groups.

  • Send SMS on all mobile networks and to any part of the world.
  • Easy, quick, and cost-effective. 
  • No third-party involvement and no hardware purchase are necessary.
  • Easily send SMS to staff, students, and parents using a simple interface.

Built-in provision to Enable Reduction of SMS Usage

ERP solutions are not quite adequate when it comes to handling requests related to communicating and parenting ticket management. There is a built-in provision to enable the reduction of SMS usage in ERP and can be used to improve the entire parent ticketing management across the different departments of your organization.

  • Facilitates communication between departments within the institution.
  • Helps in making the entire parent ticketing management process easy, reliable, and simple.
  • Improving the speed at which the staff and parents of an institution can access the information.
  • Improving the overall productivity of an institution.

Real-time Feedback on SMS

By using our Nextelement ERP system, you will receive SMS feedback in real-time through a text message survey. In providing feedback via texts or SMS, institutions can discover their areas for improvement.

  • Instant feedback.
  • Saves time.
  • Easy communication.

Send Email

Our ERP system provides you with the ability to send emails to your students and parents using our latest technology. To keep the parents updated about the students’ curriculum, you can send customized emails and newsletters.

  • Generate emails
  • Customize emails as per needs
  • Mass mailing can be done with one click of a button

Institution Assigns Tickets to Staff

Using the software, you can raise a ticket and assign it to the concerned staff. After the respective parent’s concern has been addressed, you can update and close the ticket. Parents can see the progress and receive a notification about the ticket being closed. This informs the parents about the actions being taken by the school against their concerns.

  • Instantly assign tickets to concerned staff
  • Assign ticket categories
  • Update the details
  • No call needed
  • Easy interface

Parents shall Raise their Concerns/Appreciation/ Comments to The Institution

The concerns or comments of the parents are assigned to the institution staff through tickets to validate and provide their children with their educative needs.

  • No need of calling or travelling to the premises to lodge a concern
  • Can raise concerns or comments anytime from any device
  • Instant response from the school

Tracking The Tickets' Status

The feature allows parents to track the progress against their concerns. Once a ticket has been raised, parents get access to it through their respective portals. After taking an action and resolving the issue, you can update the status and mark the ticket as closed.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Instant status update
  • Parents can track the status
  • Notification is sent to parents

Effective Parents and Institution Communication

With the help of this technology, a healthy relationship can be built and maintained between your institution and the parents. You can communicate easily and efficiently with parents, teachers, and fellow staff. This will help you keep the parents involved in their child’s education and help them observe their children’s day-to-day activities and progress in and out of the classroom.

  • Shows transparency of school activities
  • Proves responsibilities of teachers
  • Form’s reliability and a healthy relationship between parents and school/college

Elevating quality of education and administration through technology

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