Examination Management

Transforming complex exam management systems into a seamless process.

Smoothly Conduct Offline & Online Exams with an Advanced Examination Management System

Make your pre, during, and post-examination management hassle-free, efficient, and time-bound by leveraging the Nextelement ERP solution 

Benefits of Leveraging NextElement Examination Management System

Error-free Marks Entry

No scope for incorrect marks entry or calculation.

Report Generation

All reports can be generated and published in just one click, so time-effective.

Easy Access

Students, parents and teachers can access the exam timetables, syllabus, and marks card through their respective portals.

Security to Marks Card

QR coded marks cards are always secured.

Define and Construct an Assessment Timetable for each Class.

Manage pre-examination tasks by systematically designing the timetable, assessment schemes, allocation of rooms, staff, and students, and plan all the necessary arrangements of the examination centre. 

  • Create multiple timetables in one place.
  • Automate the allocation of rooms, students, and teachers.
  • Plan and update assessment schemes.
  • Easy access for staff, students, and parents.
  • Anytime editing or changing of data is possible.

Publish Portions for Parents

Parents will have access to check the timetable, subjects, portion of every subject that the particular assessment covers, and marks divisions for each portion.

  • Notifications to parents of exam schedules.
  • Parents can access the entire syllabus of the assessment.
  • Information on assessment types, marks division, full marks, etc. 

Marks Entry

Teachers can access the system to update the marks’ entry status including the marks evaluated for respective papers and further the process of the result.

  • Teachers can enter the marks.
  • Update the status of assessment i.e, pending, completed, on the process.
  • Change or edit the marks after rechecking or reviewing.

Auto-generate Marks Cards Based on Custom Templates

After the evaluation, you can automatically generate customized marks cards. The grading system makes it easier to convert marks into grades and generate grade-based report cards.

  • Identifying your institution’s structure of calculating the marks, we customize the system.
  • Generate grade-based and marks-based report cards according to your requirements.
  • Report cards can be published to the parents.
  • Easily distribute the results to student portals.

QR Coded Report Cards for Security

Our system generates QR-coded report cards that allow the students to view the report from their profile anytime by scanning the code. It ensures the security of the data.

  • No worry if the hard copy is lost.
  • The marks can be viewed in one scan.
  • The virtual report card is safe in the system and can be downloaded anytime.

Student Academic Analysis

In the examination management system, various parameters can be set up to analyze the academic performance of the students automatically.

  • Section-wise analysis.
  • Assessment-wise analysis.
  • Ranking in the class.
  • Analysis of the students’ performance in the classroom.
  • Analysis of their academic progress and achievements.

Reports & Analysis Management

Based on all the analysis and data inputs, the software will automatically generate assessment reports, ranking reports, elective reports, and examination reports.

  • Error-free report generation
  • Customized reports 
  • All reports can be generated and published in just one click, so time-effective.

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