Online Library Management System

Maintain, track and manage library resources with a digital library management system and increase your institute’s ROI.

Systematize the Smooth Functionality of Your Library Management

Our library management system simplifies and escalates the management of books movement, maintenance of records of the books, and fine management.

Benefits of Implementing NextElement Library Management System

Error-free Record

You can maintain an accurate and comprehensive record of all materials.

Track Movement of Books

It helps the management to track the movement of books and other library materials.

Reduced Cost

Adopting the system reduces the operational cost, hence it facilitates in driving better revenue.

Benefits for All

All stakeholders, students and the institution management can be benefitted from this system.

Manage Book Data

Maintain and update all book information into our integrated library database system, no manual entry is needed.

  • Index all book data for easy accessibility
  • Keep track of issued books
  • Update data of returned books
  • Update data of damaged or lost books

Customizable Library Cards

Create custom library cards as per the terms and conditions of your institution.

  • Customize student/teacher library cards 
  • Easy renewal of library cards
  • Classification of library cards for students and teachers
  • Validity management of library cards

Borrow and Issue Books

Systematically issue books to students and teachers and index the submission dates, book names, unique ID, etc. into the system.

  • Barcode based management system makes the process fast
  • After borrowing books, a notification will be sent to the student or teacher via SMS, email, or our app.
  • Book renewal notification will be sent
  • Submission reminder will be sent

Bulk-circulation for Fast Issue/Borrow of Books

We provide catalogues, circulation, and acquisitions systems for faster management of the library.

  • Keep a record of complete info of a book like a title, author name, publisher name, etc.
  • Keep a record of different categories
  • Classify the books subject wise

Fine Management

Our system also helps in fine management in case of late submission of books, damaged or lost books, or violating library regulations.

  • Calculate the fine automatically
  • Notify the borrower regarding the fine
  • Due balances of instalments

Reports & Analysis

Analyze the data of newly added books, issued books, and returned books and generate reports.

  • Reports on issues, returns, new add-ons
  • Reports on subject wise books availability 

Stock Check

To ensure the availability of all necessary books, magazines, and research papers in the library, you can conduct a thorough stock check using our system records.

  • The book records on the system accelerate the process of stock checking
  • Do the stock check daily, weekly or monthly
  • Verify the list of issued and returned books, and books needed to be restocked

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