Efficiently manage the transportation system and ensure the safety of students and staff.

One-Stop Solution for All Tracking and Transportation Needs for Your Institution

Our transport management system is enriched with features like GPS tracking, automated notification to parents, vehicle database management, and more.

Benefits of Implementing NextElement Transportation Management System

Easy Optimization

Easily optimize routes.

Saves Cost and Time

A Cost-effective and time-effective system that saves expenses and time of the management.

Real-time Tracking

Track school buses and other vehicles in real-time.

Assured Safety of Students

Ensures all-around safety and security of students.


Instant notification/SMS to parents regarding students’ whereabouts.

Manage Stops & Routes

Route replay and route deviation features of the transportation management system allow you to manage and monitor the stops and routes and capture data.

  • School admin will get a route deviation report.
  • School admin will get over speeding alerts and speed reports.
  • Journey replay of all buses for any time in the past. 
  • SOS alerts during bus breakdown or any other emergency.

Vehicle Details

Collect and collate all vehicle data and essential vehicle compliance details in this centralized location to strengthen security.

  • Keep track of vehicle maintenance and expenses.
  • Data of all drivers and bus attendants.
  • Manage insurance & license renewal.
  • Capture data on overspeeding and idling events.
  • Address concerns of the School Admin and Parents.

Personalized Notification

Parents will receive instant personalized notifications about the bus arrival time, stops, student boarding and attendance, bus delays, change in routes, and more to make them more informed and relaxed about their child’s commute.

  • Accurate route-based ETA
  • Notification on pickup and drop
  • Notification of change in routes of bus timings
  • Notification about bus breakdowns and recovery time 
  • Notification about the boarding and deboarding of the students as soon as they tap the RFID card while boarding the bus during the pickup and drop

Real-time Tracking

This app enables parents and schools to track the live routes of buses using the GPS tracking system

  • Efficiently monitor vehicles from anywhere.
  • No dependency on the driver for bus location information.
  • Virtually dropping kids to school and monitoring them has been made easy and worry-free.

Elevating quality of education and administration through technology

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