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Elevating the quality of education & ROI of educational institutions with an advanced ERP platform.

Why SchoolElement?

Nextelement ERP platform empowers educational institutions with modern and innovative solutions at competitive price.

Easy to use

User-friendly interface enriched with 30+ modules


Customizable according to academic and administrative needs

Smart application

Intelligent, simple, secure, and scalable

All-in-one solution

One-stop platform for schools, colleges, and coaching centers of all sizes

Live dashboard

Real-time monitoring and management of all data

Access control

Only authorized persons can access the system

High-end data security

Optimum security of the entire database

Report generation

Thorough analysis and multiple report generation capacities

Integrated virtual classroom

Quick and easy setup and scheduling of virtual classrooms

Dedicated support team

Experienced and qualified support team


Easily manage day-to-day campus operations with our feature-rich educational ERP system

How It Works

1. Enquiry

We receive enquiries through our website and directly connect with you.

2. Understanding Requirements of Institution

We initiate conversations to analyze and understand the goals, challenges, and requirements of your institution.

3. Customized Package

Determining the solutions required by you for your institution, we customize the packages.

4. Agreement

On solutions and package finalization, we proceed with the agreement.

5. Onboarding

Based on the features selected, we’ll collect data from you, create an instance and put all the data into the system.

6. Training

We will train you on the functioning of the system according to the roles and responsibilities. After training, we’ll sign off by finalizing the modules you’ll choose.

7. Support

Our team is always available to support you over phone calls, provide online support and also arrange personal visits at your convenience.

Challenges Faced by Education Sector

Timetable -Requires
1 to 2 Man-months of Efforts

Periods go Without Substitution

Unable to Track Fee Collection

Time-consuming Paper-based Process

Complex Registration and Admission Procedure

Ineffective Course Management

Unable to Monitor Students Whereabouts

Poor Transportation Management

Intricate Communication Management

Business Impact

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