Timetable and Substitution Management​

Quickly create timetables, manage substitution and staff workload to improve all-around productivity in your institution. 

Seamless Management of Timetable and Substitution for Classes

Automate the timetable creation process and substitution management to improve the quality of your entire education and administration system.

Benefits of Leveraging NextElement Timetable Management System

Saves Time

Saves time for the management team in preparing an effective timetable

Access to All

Students, teachers, and parents - all have access to the timetable, they can easily check the classes or exam schedule from any device

Reduced Workload

It reduces the workload of the management team as they don’t have to recreate or reschedule the entire timetable whenever it needs a change, they can simply edit it.


The system automatically identifies staff on leave and staff available for substitution. Hence, it makes substitution management easy and faster.

Manage Staff Workload

The system has been designed to effectively create timetables for classes and allocate teachers. The software can identify which teacher has been allocated with consecutive classes, are the length of the periods and according to that, the system helps you create the timetable and balance the workload for every staff.

  • Classes are strategically distributed and allocated to staff 
  • Automatically creates room between subsequent classes for the staff
  • Staff have easy access to the timetable

Construct Class/Section, Staff and Room Timetables

While the manual process of timetable creation takes lots of time, our semi-automated system saves you time and effort in constructing timetables for classes, sections, staff along with room allotment.

  • Create different time-slots for each class, section, teacher, and room.
  • Create recess slots as required
  • Edit or change timetable as per need
  • Parents can access to view the timetable from their device

Customized Plug-in to Automate Allocation Based on School Needs

Our Nextelement ERP timetable and substitution management system support a customized plug-in that automates the allocation of teachers, rooms, and sections based on your institute requirements.

  • Mass-assign to section, staff, and room
  • Time-slots will be allocated automatically to the staff

Handles Conflicts, Inter-block Caution and Subject Clusters

Automation in timetable management also enables you to efficiently handle and avoid conflicts in teachers’ class allotments, manage interblock caution, and plan subject clusters.

  • Smoothly manage subject clusters 
  • Avoid conflicts in teachers’ schedule
  • Bring efficiency in the timetable management process

Anytime Timetable Edit

The administrator or school admin can change, edit and update the timetable anytime as per needs.

  • Flexible access to edit the timetable
  • Add, remove or break the time-slots as per requirements
  • Single or multiple time-slots can be edited

Reports & Analysis Management

Generate all the operative timetables and substitution reports easily in this one centralized platform. It’ll also help you analyze the effectiveness of the daily or weekly timetables, staff workload, substitute workload, and more. 

  • View and print multiple staff timetable
  • View staff workload report
  • Daily or weekly timetables of each staff with substitution reports

Substitution Timetable Management

Staff substitution management has been made simple and faster with our semi-automated system. The system captures data of staff on leave or handling competitions, identifies staff who are available for that particular time period, and assigns them as a substitution.

  • Automate timetable management for substitution
  • Easily identify absent staff and classes allocated to that staff for the day
  • Easily identify staff who are available for the unassigned class
  • Re-arrange a timetable for the new-assigned teacher balancing their workload

Swap or De-allocate Periods to Enable Flexible Substitution

When assigning a substitute teacher to an unattended class, our system automatically swaps or de-allocates other periods to maintain a healthy workload for the respective teacher.

  • Ensure flexible substitution
  • Easily identify overlapping periods
  • Swap teachers between classes depending on the subjects 
  • Deallocate periods to maintain an effective timetable

Automatic Notifications to Staff for Substitutions

Auto-generated notifications are sent via SMS or push app notification to staff informing them of the re-arranged timetable or substituted time-slots.

  • An automatic notification is sent to staff to inform the rescheduling of classes
  • Informs the details of the allotted class, room number, section

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