Campus management made easy with Nextelement ERP software

Manage day-to-day operations digitally with powerful ERP solutions that provide various modules and customizable features.

What is Nextelement ERP?

Nextelement ERP software, powered by Next Element, is an integrated education ERP solution time-tested in 75+ institutions. It has been developed to bring effectiveness to the operation management system of schools, colleges, and coaching centers. The aim is to enhance the quality of education and the institution’s growth.

Nextelement ERP features cater to the ever-changing requirements of institutes by automating and simplifying several administrative operations, including online admission, examinations, attendance, fee management, library management, transportation, and more.

A set of continuous research is carried out to design customizable features according to the academic and administrative needs of the institution. We are able to achieve 98% customer retention; this is possible as 90% of our features are opted by them.


Admission and Enquiry Management

Efficiently manage parent’s enquiry, online application, and admission process.

  • Enquiry management
  • Follow up with parents
  • Analysis of enquiry by management
  • Process improvement or corrections by management
  • Parents communication
  • Online application management
  • Seamless integration of admitted students to ERP

Fee Management

Automate the process of fee management digitally.

  • Academic, Transportation and Miscellaneous fees 
  • SMS Reminders 
  • Reports & Analysis 
  • Online Fee Collection

Examination Management

Leverage our comprehensive examination management system with powerful features. 

  • Define and construct Assessment Timetable for each class 
  • Publish portions to parents 
  • Marks Entry 
  • Auto-generate marks cards based on custom templates

Timetable and Substitution Management

Create multiple timetables, edit, manage and quickly allocate substitution in one central location.   

  • Manage staff workload
  • Construct class/section, staff, and room timetables
  • Customized plug-in to automate allocation based on school needs
  • Handles conflicts, inter-block caution, and subject clusters
  • Edit timetable anytime
  • Reports & analysis
  • Substitute periods of staff on leave or handling competitions
  • Manage substitution timetable
  • Swap or deallocate periods to enable flexible substitution

Communication & Parent Ticketing Management

Our communication software helps in the smooth functioning of communication between parents, teachers, and/or school management.

  • Intuitive UI to send SMS in English and other regional languages 
  • Send SMS to staff, students, and custom numbers 
  • Built-in provision to enable reduction of SMS usage 
  • Real-time feedback on SMS
  • Send Email
  • Parents shall raise their concerns
  • Institution shall assign the tickets to staff
  • Tracking the status of the tickets
  • Effective parents and institution communication

Attendance and Leave Management

Systematic online attendance and leave management process. 

  • Take attendance through mobile/laptop
  • School/Class/Section/Student wise report
  • Daily/Monthly/Yearly reports
  • SMS for absentees and latecomers
  • Manage latecomers, late-entry, healthcare entry, and emergency exit
  • Competition/event attendance
  • SATS Reports
  • Leave policy management
  • Staff apply for leave online
  • Students apply for leave online
  • Approval of leaves
  • Biometric integration

Asset Management

Keep track of incoming and outgoing assets with our time-saving asset management system.

  • Labeling the assets 
  • Valuation of assets 
  • Assets movement 
  • Assigning assets to staff/rooms
  • Stock check

Library Management

Track, maintain, and update library data using our easy-to-use library management system. 

  • Manage book data
  • Customizable library cards based on number of books, fine, and type of books
  • Borrow and issue books (SMS integrated) 
  • Bulk-circulation for fast issue/borrow of books by students of the same class
  • Fine management
  • Reports & Analysis


Online Classroom

Easy set-up of the virtual classroom to help create the best student teaching experience.

  • Schedule classroom to students
  • Automatic notification to students on the scheduled classroom
  • Automatic attendance of the online classroom
  • Include observers in the classroom
  • Record and playback of classes
  • Classroom chat option
  • Share Screen to students
  • Ask questions in the classroom
  • Mute all students
  • Notification sent to students 10 min before classroom
  • Available on mobile and browsers


A complete transport management system that ensures students’ safety and keep the track of transportation expenses.

  • Real-time tracking
  • Manage stops & routes data
  • Vehicle details
  • Student & staff allocation

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