Online Classroom

Empowering online education system with an integrated ERP platform that is both comprehensive and affordable.

Easy and Personalized Online Classroom Module for Your Institution

Using NextElement’s streamlined school ERP, you can easily connect with your students through Google Meet and create online classes.

Benefits of Implementing NextElement Online Classroom Management System

Live Classes

Conduct multiple online classes at a time on the same platform.

Instant Link Sharing

Instantly share the links with students via mass messaging and send reminders via notification.

Reduced Cost

Online classes save transportation and facility management expenses.

Record & Playback Option

Record the classes and store them for future references.

Schedule Classroom to Classes/Sections

Providing complete enterprise solutions to help educational institutions automate their online classes. We provide an all-in-one school management solution that helps in scheduling online classes using google edu, meet, etc.

  • Connects seamlessly with your existing system, making the online classes work smoothly.
  • You get a customized ERP package, and we do all the work.
  • No need to change your processes, upload all your inventory, or configure any settings.

Automatic Notification to Students on The Scheduled Classrooms

Your school’s daily operations are streamlined with ERP software. Several different options are available for student notifications. Automatic notification can be sent to students via SMS or push app notification inviting them to join a class, on scheduled classroom and set due-date reminders.

  • Teachers can now notify students and receive notifications of online classroom events.
  • Improved communication with students for the entire school.
  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-implement features for the management.

Automatic Attendance of The Online Classroom

Attendance of the students present in online classrooms can be tracked automatically. Schools can send a prompt SMS reminding parents of absent students’ attendance with the dynamic student attendance management solution. Keeps everyone informed with instant daily, weekly, or monthly reports.

  • Track real-time attendance information of the students.
  • Automatically track the attendance of your students in the online classroom, during exams, and other events.
  • Provides you with attendance statistics and charts.

Include Observers in The Classroom

School teams are able to streamline most of their daily work with our platform, so they can spend more time working individually with students or providing support for other teachers. Our innovative Observers tool lets observers monitor the teachers’ and students’ progress in a whole new way!

  • Observers will be present to monitor the performance of students and teachers.
  • All students have access to their own progress and grades.
  • All data is secured and only shared with the student and their parents.
  • Parents can receive email summaries of assignments and activities.
  • Teachers can invite guardians to view their students’ activities and assignments

Record and Playback of Classes

This is an exclusive feature of NextElement to maintain the database of thousands of reference videos in an automated process. The recordings of classes are placed in a database that can be accessed in an automated way. 

  • Record and store in the reference database.
  • Record and playback of classes.
  • Quick and easy video uploading.
  • A great feature for students to learn from.

Mute All Students

NextElment ERP software is preferably chosen by teachers to handle the online disruption in their classroom indirectly so that they can concentrate on their students while they are teaching. It is a user-friendly software where the teachers can easily and quickly mute the students to decrease the noise.

  • Easy, fast, and reliable software to do the online mute, students will not feel any disturbance while they are learning.
  • The software is secure and trustworthy.
  • The teachers can choose the students based on their names, classes, or even the group.
  • The teachers can turn on/turn off the mute of the student with a single click.

Classroom Chat Option

Open chat rooms are a great tool for students to use when they want to communicate something to the teachers. We’ve created a safe and secure environment for kids to chat in so that they can get the assistance they need. There is a teacher chat option as well in case the students are unable to share their questions through the mic.

  • Teachers can now open up a chat window with their students.
  • The option of having a private chat or open chat is available to teachers.
  • Teachers can create rooms within the chat feature according to the subject they are teaching.
  • Teachers can send quick messages to each other through the chat feature.

Share Screen to Students

Most of the time screen sharing takes a long time to open on the web. Hence, keeping that in mind, our NextElement ERP software has made it much more reliable for the teachers to share their screens quickly.

  • Screen sharing is made easy. You can quickly share your screen with a single click of a button.
  • The feature is versatile and flexible
  • Any teacher or student can share their screen with one click of a button.
  • Teachers can save time in managing multiple students in a classroom.

Ask Questions in The Classroom

Our NextElement software allows teachers to easily ask questions regarding the lesson in the classroom that will be clearly audible and visible to the students. Teachers will be able to share a document or video with the class or display a key question that they want to make sure the students understand.

  • Enhance classroom effectiveness
  • Easier grading of class participation
  • Create a more interactive classroom
  • More effective teaching methods

Available on Mobile And Browsers

The NextElement classroom software is available on mobile phones and browsers for better reliability so that students can log in by mobile phones or laptops or computers anytime from anywhere.

  • Our software is available on mobile phones and browsers so that the students could complete the assignments from their mobile phones or laptops or computers.
  • The latest version of our software is compatible with mobiles and browsers.
  • Online customer support to solve your queries within 2 hours.

Notification Sent to Students 10 min before Classroom

Students are notified 10 minutes before class commencement time with this custom notification feature. This feature makes sure they are prepared for the online classes with the help of our customizable software that helps in sending notifications.

  • Customizable features.
  • Automatic, customizable.
  • Security alert.
  • Custom notification for students.

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